Valentine Eve : Couples Making Loves To Get Baby

Valentine Baby : Tips For Couple Making Loves/Sex To Get Baby.

Couples making loves and pregnancy can occur regardless of “how couples sex” so to speak, there are also believed to be a few conception positions which may help increase your odds. Based on research, 2 best position had been identified.

Man on top (missionary position)

This is believed to be one of the best sex positions to get pregnant. The mans penis can penetrate deeply into the woman, and the sperm is ejaculated very close to the cervix. Putting a pillow under the pelvis during intercourse may also help direct the semen to towards the cervix.

The woman should stay laying down for 15 minutes after ejaculation to avoid the sperm having to swim against gravity. Raising her legs (no more than 30 degrees) may also help as a conception position after sex. Caution – if you are prone to bladder/urinary infections go to the toilet straight away after intercourse.

For woman with a tilted uterus avoid the pillow underneath you during intercourse or raising your legs afterwards, as the semen may not pool directly over your cervix. Instead try lying on your stomach for 15 minutes after ejaculation to help direct the semen towards your cervix opening.

Rear entry (doggie style)

With deep penetration, rear entry enables the sperm to be deposited right next to the cervix. This method is also thought to be one of the ‘great’ conception positions, in fact, people swear by it! This position is believed to be the best technique for woman who have a tilted uterus. The man enters the woman from behind with her on her hands and knees, or she can rest on her elbows. She may also lie on her stomach with the man on top (as long as the man is holding his weight off her).

Lie down for 15 minutes after ejaculation as mentioned above. Females with a tilted uterus lie on stomach instead of back. (If prone to bladder infections, go straight to the toilet).

But, The Main Ingredient.. Woman’s Orgasm

While it is not necessary for the woman to achieve an orgasm in order to conceive, some experts suggest that it may actually be an advantage, improving your chances of conception!

Some experts suggest that when a woman has an orgasm, the contractions cause the cervix to dip lower into the vagina and this may help by “sucking up the sperm” into the uterus and then through to the fallopian tubes (makes sense really). In order for the woman’s orgasm to be beneficial, she should orgasm either simultaneously as her partner (this is not an easy thing to do) or up to 40 minutes after the male ejaculation.

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