3 More Things To 10 Things You Should Not Buy For Valentine Day

We round additional 3 more things not to buy for your Valentine.  For those who had keeping up with our 10 Things Not To Buy For Valentine Day,  you should already well aware what not to buy during the Valentine Day. If you have not read or buy anything yet for valentine day, read the articles here.

11. Anything Sent Via Email, Facebook, Or MySpace

Technology is great, but anything you send her via email, Facebook, or MySpace will not do anything to impress your girlfriend. What is she going to tell her mother? That she received an eBox of chocolates from you?   How would her tell other people or her best friend that she received an e-roses from you?

What It Mean: I value our relationship at the click of a mouse.

12. A Re-gift

Maybe you received a coffee maker for Christmas that you’re not too thrilled about. Would your girlfriend swoon on Valentine’s Day after receiving a box of chocolates and a coffee maker? Probably not. If you have a gift lying around that you don’t want, dump it off on eBay instead of on your girlfriend.

What It Mean: Our relationship is already mature and no more romantic feeling OR My feeling toward you never change and never grow stronger, from day to day.

13. Nothing


This is by far the worst thing in the world you can get for your girlfriend.  I had save this for last.  If you do absolutely nothing for her on Valentine’s Day, she’ll be crushed. If you’ve been in a struggling relationship, and do this, a breakup might be in your near future. Even if things are going well, failing to come up with anything on Valentine’s Day is a killer.

What It Mean: Our relationship mean nothing to me and there nothing between us.

Can think other think not to buy? List it in your comment.

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