Techniques For Couple Making Love :First Time For Virgin
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Is there a techniques for couple making love for a first time for a virgin?
We get that question a lot here.   If you want to skip direct to techniques for making love, go direct …

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Between A Turkish Men vs Indian Men or German Women vs American Women – Love Around The World
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What is the major difference between dating a turkish men vs indian men or german women vs american women?

We found this website that simplify the difference between dating a turkish men vs indian men or german women vs uk women.  The opinion depict in this articles is just a summary of some point highlight from the articles.

This articles does not represent our opinion and view. To read the read of the articles, click here. Feel free to give your opinion since the articles writer don’t allowed any opinion at their site


Dating is easy in Argentina, the people have the typically Latin freeflowing approach to intimacy.

The men will be very protective of their sisters and cousins so be careful. Lookswise you have stunning brunettes mostly of an Italian
heritage. Enough to make a man go wild.

Argentine Men

Argentine guys have suffered from the neuroses of dating the women for so long that they have gone nuts, too. There are more handsome men per square inch in Argentina than anywhere else in the world.


Men and Women: Things get pretty hot on the beach in Brazil. Brazilians are very comfortable in their skins and there is no guilt whatsoever where the enjoyment of sex is concerned. To kiss someone means no commitment whatsoever in many cases and is just part of the evening’s entertainment. To spend the night with someone is also often just an adventure to tell the friends about the next day.


Love at it’s most Latin. Possessive, argumentative and passionate catholicism doesn’t get in the way too much of having a good time in Colombia. It’s a modern country and full of life though it’s traditional to get to know someone gradually.


If you’re a woman who hasn’t turned a head in a while, get yourself to Turkey. Turks are blind with lust over Western women regardless of their weight, advanced age, complexion, whatever your perceived faults back in America, Turks will make you feel beautiful.

If you are a western male, cross Turkey off of your list, at least for the near future. Turkish women do not go out with Western men.


If you find yourself in one of Germany’s major cities, plonk yourself down at an outdoor cafe, pretend to read a newspaper and spy all the people walking past.

German Women
German girls are fantastic. Born and raised in an equal country, women are dominant in most facets of life, except in top-level business but they understand that too stressful. The girls like to laugh, have a good time, and will probably drink you under the table. They are not exactly used to being propositioned in the streets and most hate Machismo men, but they are flattered by attention and romance.

German Boys
German men are known as being insensitive, self-serving and cold; of course, that could be the description of men everywhere.

Don’t expect them to be domestic wonders, nor be surprised when you come home and they’re watching football with a beer in their hands. If you do everything for them, they won’t try to stop you, but if you order them around, show some spunk, they’ll find you even more attractive.


Male travellers aren’t really going to meet any Indian girls unless they find themselves socialising in wealthier circles in the cities. If you hung around Bombay, Delhi or Bangalore for long enough and wore the right kind of clothes, you might eventually find your Indian princess. But most likely it would come with a lot of strings attached. You see the occasional Westerner that gets married but they marry a village at the same time.

The only cool Indian guys that a woman might want to meet will be from a wealthier background who have had the opportunity perhaps to travel and get a little more hip. Their perspectives on the gender roles are still likely to be a little outdated though. Sex education is pitiful throughout India and you can be sure that any notions of foreplay, female orgasm and sex lasting more than a couple of minutes are few.


Again this is the opinion of the writer of this articles, you may have your own opinion.  Feel free to voice your opinion since the writer of the articles don’t allowed that.

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